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Do a good job in skin care is a ver
Do a good job in skin care is a very important thing in the life of women, it is not to fall, in addition to the skin care products on top of the homework, in the daily diet should be well adjusted. How to adjust in this respect? Let's follow the little editor and look at it.
What secret can keep your skin beautiful?
What does it make up for? Supplement the following nutrients:
1. 钾
1. potassium
钾对维持皮肤和机体的酸碱度,维持细胞内的渗透压和新陈代谢正常必不可少。正常成年人每日钾需要量为 2~4 克。主要食物来源:麸皮、豌豆、大豆、马铃薯、甘薯、萝卜、榨菜、花生、海带、紫菜、肉松、咖啡、茶味等。
Potassium is essential for maintaining the pH of skin and body, maintaining osmotic pressure and normal metabolism. Normal adults need a 2~4 gram of potassium per day. The main sources of food are bran, peas, soybeans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, radish, pickled mustard tuber, peanuts, kelp, seaweed, dried meat floss, coffee and tea flavors.
2. 维生素 A
2. vitamin A
维生素 A 可使目光明亮,皮肤滋润细腻。主要食物来源:动物肝脏 ( 狗肝不可多食 ) ,全脂奶及其制品,绿色和黄色蔬菜,红心甘薯、胡萝卜、青椒、南瓜等。
Vitamin A can brighten your eyes and make your skin moist and delicate. Main food sources: animal liver (dog liver can not eat more), full fat milk and its products, green and yellow vegetables, red heart sweet potato, carrot, green pepper, pumpkin and so on.
3. 维生素 B2
3. vitamin B2
维生素 B2 也叫核黄素。它的功能是保持皮肤新陈代谢正常,使皮肤光洁柔滑,展平褶皱,减退色素,消除斑点。主要食物来源:动物肝、肾、瘦肉、奶类、蛋类、大豆及其制品,绿色蔬菜。
Vitamin B2 is also called riboflavin. Its function is to maintain normal skin metabolism, smooth and smooth skin, flattening folds, reducing pigments and eliminating spots.  Main food sources: animal liver, kidney, lean meat, milk, eggs, soybeans and their products, green vegetables.
4. 维生素 B1
4. vitamin B1
缺少维生素 B1 、可致粘膜过敏和发生皮肤炎症。主要食物来源:动物内脏、肉类、豆类及花生、糙米。大量饮茶或过食鲤鱼、鲱鱼 ( 青鱼 ) 、虾等将影响维生素 B1 的吸收。
Lack of vitamin B1, can cause mucosal allergy and skin inflammation. Main food sources: animal viscera, meat, beans and peanuts, brown rice. A large number of tea or carp, herring (black carp) and shrimp will affect the absorption of vitamin B1.
5. 维生素 C
5. vitamin C
维生素 C 是一种抗氧化剂,可减轻皮肤色素沉着,防止黑色素生成,因而能使晒黑的皮肤恢复白皙柔滑的本来面目,维生素 C 制剂如摄取过量,可导致结石或溃疡。主要食物来源:柑、桔、橙、柚、鲜枣、猕核桃、草莓、犁、菜花、莴苣叶、柠檬、西红柿、山楂以及各种深色蔬菜。
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that reduces skin pigmentation and prevents melanin formation. Thus it can restore a fair and smooth complexion of tanning skin. Vitamin C preparation, such as excessive intake, can lead to stones or ulcers. The main food sources: citrus, orange, orange, grapefruit, fresh jujube, walnut, strawberry, plow, cauliflower, lettuce leaf, lemon, tomato, hawthorn, and various dark vegetables.
6. 维生素 D
6. vitamin D
维生素 D 可预防儿童轻度佝偻病和中老年骨质疏松症的发生。主要食物来源:海鱼、动物肝脏及蛋黄、奶油、干酪、鱼肝油等。
Vitamin D can prevent children from mild rickets and osteoporosis in middle and old age. Main food sources: marine fish, animal liver and egg yolk, cream, cheese, cod liver oil and so on.
7. 维生素 E
7. vitamin E
维生素 E 可提高维生素 A 的吸收率,减少和防止皮肤中脂褐质的产生与沉积,可预防青少年面部痤疮,颇具护肤养颜,抗衰益寿的功效。主要食物来源:植物油、大豆及其制品、绿豆、赤小豆、黑芝麻、核桃、鸭蛋、大蒜、菠菜、鲫鱼及海虾。
Vitamin E can improve the absorption of vitamin A, reduce and prevent the production and deposition of lipofuscin in the skin, and can prevent adolescent facial acne, have the effect of skin care and beauty, anti - aging and longevity. The main sources of food are vegetable oil, soybeans and their products, mung beans, red beans, black sesame seeds, walnuts, duck eggs, garlic, spinach, crucian carp and prawn.
8. 纤维
8. fiber

Constipation can cause various symptoms of the body and induce a variety of diseases. Constipation can also make the complexion yellow and lose its luster. Food rich in cellulose can prevent constipation. There are mainly vegetables, fruits and non refined foods.
9. 铁、锌
9. iron and zinc
皮肤的光泽红润,需要充足的血液。铁是构成血液中血红蛋白的主要成分。锌也是体内不可缺少的微量元素,它参与人体的各种生理活动。锌在皮肤中的含量最高,约占 20% 以上,决定着皮肤的光滑和弹性程度,有“皮肤是锌镀”之说。因此,应适量多吃富含铁、锌的食物,如动物肝、蛋黄、海带、芝麻酱、瘦肉、牡蛎及海产品,以促进皮肤的健美。
The gloss of the skin is red and requires sufficient blood. Iron is the main constituent of hemoglobin in blood. Zinc is also an indispensable trace element in the body. It participates in all kinds of physiological activities of human body. Zinc content in the skin is the highest, accounting for more than 20%, which determines the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, and the "skin is zinc plated". Therefore, we should eat a proper amount of food rich in iron and zinc, such as animal liver, egg yolk, kelp, sesame paste, lean meat, oyster and seafood, in order to promote skin bodybuilding.